Violin Adventures



My violin has got into a habit of being involved in accidents. 

The Tragic Case of the Crushed Violin

This happened in the middle of Winter as I walked down a steep unlit road carrying my violin in a case slung on my back. I stepped on an icy patch, my feet disappeared out from under me, I fell over backwards onto the ground, and landed on my violin case. Unfortunately, this caused the case to compress for an instant, which drove the heel of my bow into the top of my violin. The repair needed "open heart" surgery in which the top of the violin was removed, and the ragged edges of the wood were then teased together again. Remarkably, the violin played significantly better afterwards, because a crushed area of wood inside the violin caused by incompetent fitting of the sound-post was rectified. This involved using a wet rag wrapped round the hot bit of a soldering iron to generate steam, which was then applied to the crushed area to revive it. Thank you to British Reserve for funding this operation.

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The Embarrassing Case of the Scorched Violin

This happened during a power cut when I used candles to illuminate my music. I then played my violin in blissful ignorance of the fact that its scroll was just above one of the candles. The repair needed a new piece of wood to be grafted onto the scroll, and various cosmetic operations to blend it in with the existing wood. Thank you to British Reserve for funding this operation.

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